Dominic has tremendous expertise of tennis specific training, and has demonstrated that by achieving the iTPA’s highest level of certification, Master Tennis Performance Specialist. I have been fortunate to see Dominic in action, and am very impressed by his depth of commitment and knowledge. He continues to be a leader in this industry. –
Mark Kovacs, iTPA Executive Director.

Dom is an integral part of the ‘Performance Team’ here at Everyball International Academy in his role as Head of Athlete Development. His in-depth knowledge, his commitment to study, his ability to relate yet demand the highest standards from our athletes set him aside as one of the most effective coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. In all the hours I have seen him deliver, I’ve yet to see him give less than his very best, seldom asking athletes to do anything he’s not prepared to do himself.
Mike James, LTA Master Performance Coach, Director of Tennis, Everyball Tennis

Dom is a great Fitness Coach who’s taught me so much that I can now make up my own programmes when travelling the world playing tournaments. He also listens to the needs of the player and understands that some days we might be too tired to do what he has planned, so moulds the programme to something that is capable to do well in whatever state we may be in! Dom makes the sessions fun and interactive and trust me, if it wasn’t for him, I would not have spent so much time in the gym, especially with a smile on my face!
Katy Dunne, career best 9 in the world, ITF Juniors

Dom is a remarkable fitness coach. I also consider him a mentor on and off the court. He uses brilliant variety and sport specific exercises to keep his players in the best condition for competition. I was lucky enough to work with Dom for a year before I went to the states on a tennis scholarship to an American University. I have never been in such good shape and well rounded with strength, stamina, flexibility and injury free.
US Collegiate Tennis Player

Dom was a big factor in Katy’s rise to the top 10 in the World ITF Rankings and her physical conditioning is a major strength for her on court. He understands tennis well which means we can discuss players’ needs clearly and his level of attention and planning is top rate.”
Pete Thorne, Former Coach to Katy Dunne (top 10 ITF Junior)

When I first started training with Dom, fitness wasn’t a huge part of my programme, and I struggled with my fitness on court. Training with Dom over the past years, my tennis has benefited beyond belief from working hard in the gym, and I feel so much stronger in a longer match. Fitness can give you the edge in three set matches, and Dom helped me realise this.
Dom is constantly striving for the best for his athletes, making sure our programmes are improved and the best that they can be for us on that given day. He is inspiring and encouraging day in day out which helps an unbelievable amount when he is killing you in the gym!!
I cannot express my gratitude more to Dom and what he’s done for me considering my fitness and attitude, and most obviously, my tennis.
Holly Hutchinson, ITF U18 219 (@Sept 2014), played Junior Wimbledon 2014

Dom and his team have been and are a major reason why my daughters have gone from strength to strength with their tennis. Dom’s support has been invaluable and he is always interested in the player as a whole person. His attention to detail is incredible.
Louise Hutchinson, mother to Holly and Scarlett

Dom is an utter professional; he has all the competencies needed to train athletes aspiring to excel in their chosen field. Dom’s great strength lies in his ability to relate to his players and their support network, constantly going the extra mile to ensure those under his charge are genuinely supported and feeling valued. He is a great asset to our programme.
James Morgan, LTA Master Performance Coach, Head Coach & Program Manager Everyball Tennis