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  • Amateur boxing

    Tennis vs Boxing – what can we learn?

    As I have said previously, I love to look around at many different sports and assess the transferable qualities that each sport can bring. If you stay within the confines of a single sport, it is easy to get ‘blinkered’ and miss loads of great information that is out there and can be used....

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  • atp-wta-logos

    Average age on the ATP and WTA Tours

    There is often a good deal of conversation about average ages on tour and various milestones that ‘need’ to be achieved in a player’s career by certain ages. The following stats, from #GameChangersIBM, were, I believe, true as of Weds May 27th 2015 and they throw up some very interesting...

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  • sports montage

    Learning from other sports

      Whatever your primary sport, it can be easy to get ‘blinkered’ in your approach to it. The sport I am most involved in is tennis and you need only have a quick look on the internet or even the bookshelves, to find all manner of ‘tennis-specific’ drills or training ideas....

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  • Holly wide backhand

    Smashing it with Holly! Ladder footwork drill.

    I always like to mentally review the sessions I carry out with any players – was I able to get the desired result from the session? Did the player work well? Could I have done anything differently? Etc etc. It’s important to be honest with yourself about it and there have certainly been occasions...

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  • IMG_1711

    Clay Court – from the gym to the court

    There is no doubt about it, movement on a clay court is different to other surfaces and becoming competent and confident on the dirt is hugely important. Building balance, strength/stability in the ankle, strength/range in the hips and good core strength are vital to maintain an effective body position...

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  • Vipr Clean and Press video

    Another short video using the Vipr to load some functional patterns. Here with an exercise that many will be familiar with already. Again, there are variations that can be used such as having a slight rotation through the movement, tilting the vipr at the top of the press. The drive for this wants to...

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  • IMG_1746


    It was great to have Laura and Clarky in for a session yesterday – felt like a bit of a reunion with Laura out on the tour and Clarky at College in the US. And to top it all, they worked well and had a good session, with some movement prep work then some on

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  • Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL Video

    Continuing some ideas using the Vipr…. Here is a Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL. A great exercise to work on dynamic balance and then some loaded single leg strength work. This is a challenging exercise so begin with small distances on the lateral bound and increase as necessary. Varying...

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  • SAQ Movement Circuit Video

    A short SAQ-type circuit, looking to develop some different movement patterns in quick succession. 1 – Quick feet in and out adjustment steps 2 – Crossover step out of the cones 3 – Quick push explosion out of the corner 4 – Ladder drills – in this case an ickey shuffle...

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  • Vipr Side to Side Tilt Video

    I like using the Vipr to load some functional movement patterns and to challenge the stability and control of some movements. These movements can progress in range, speed and load. Below is a Vipr Side to Side Tilt which can be used to provide a nice ‘drive’ from the ground and then quick...

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