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    The Tennis Congress

      I was recently invited to be part of the teaching faculty at the United States Tennis Congress, which was held from October 6-10 in Tucson, Arizona. The above photo shows the S&C team at the event following our ‘Athlete Assessment Session’. It was a truly phenomenal event with...

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  • Holly wide backhand

    Smashing it with Holly! Ladder footwork drill.

    I always like to mentally review the sessions I carry out with any players – was I able to get the desired result from the session? Did the player work well? Could I have done anything differently? Etc etc. It’s important to be honest with yourself about it and there have certainly been occasions...

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  • Holly Hutchinson at Junior Wimbledon

    It was a proud moment recently when Holly Hutchinson stepped onto the grass at The All England Club to play in her first Junior Wimbledon event. Holly worked incredibly hard to put herself in contention for a wildcard into the qualifying tournament. Having secured one, she wasn’t going to waste...

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    It was great to have Laura and Clarky in for a session yesterday – felt like a bit of a reunion with Laura out on the tour and Clarky at College in the US. And to top it all, they worked well and had a good session, with some movement prep work then some on

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    Hopscotch co-ordination drill videos

    I have been been re-visiting  some co-ordination drills recently with the younger age groups. I hesitate to say ‘simple’ drills because, while the concept of the drill may be called ‘simple’, in that it is using only a ladder and non-detailed instruction, the execution of it...

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  • SAQ Movement Circuit Video

    A short SAQ-type circuit, looking to develop some different movement patterns in quick succession. 1 – Quick feet in and out adjustment steps 2 – Crossover step out of the cones 3 – Quick push explosion out of the corner 4 – Ladder drills – in this case an ickey shuffle...

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  • Indiaca ball


    Jemima King (Head of Aspire to Excel) and some players enjoying a game of Indiaca as part of their pre-session preparation! Not a bad first point! Great to use as a bit of variation for all ages with so many different ways to use it…and great fun too! Credit to my colleague, Howard Green, Head...

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  • IMG_1682

    Footwork Drill

    Here is Erika showing some nice footwork in this drill. Notice how she stays nice and low and transitions well from cone to cone with some good, quick adjustment steps. Gliding across the court – great job!

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  • IMG_1618

    Strength & Conditioning – engaging young players!

    Getting Buy-In Early! One of the Squads I do some S&C coaching in is our Futuros squad, for those U10 players on our Aspire to Excel programme. I work in with 2-3 coaches and we rotate groups approximately every 20 minutes. After an initial skills session, we look to break into the small groups and...

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  • IMG_1609

    Tennis Conditioning Session – Tues 11th March

    Had a great conditioning session with Lauren Armstrong this morning. A little off the cuff but went as follows: 100yd repeats – on the minute every minute for 15 reps Followed by the following circuit repeated 4 times (5mins per circuit including rest at end): Cone Agility drill – 20s (20s...

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