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    Master Tennis Performance Specialist

      Further to my previous posts on the subject, I am thrilled to say that I recently passed my Master Tennis Performance Specialist certification with the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA). In achieving this prestigious accolade, at the time of writing, there are only 10-12 MTPS...

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    Player Perspectives – a coach/player chat

    I just wanted to share an interesting conversation I had with a 14 year old female tennis player recently. It may not be 100% accurate but hopefully the essence of it will come across. We had just finished a session; on this occasion it had been an on-court movement session and we were walking back

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    Joel Good – a coach in the making.

    There are many different ways to measure ‘success’ as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. One of the things I love about what I do is seeing the athletes I work with grow as people not just as the athlete on the court/pitch. What I also look to do is provide each person with the tools

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    Average age on the ATP and WTA Tours

    There is often a good deal of conversation about average ages on tour and various milestones that ‘need’ to be achieved in a player’s career by certain ages. The following stats, from #GameChangersIBM, were, I believe, true as of Weds May 27th 2015 and they throw up some very interesting...

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  • Holly wide backhand

    Smashing it with Holly! Ladder footwork drill.

    I always like to mentally review the sessions I carry out with any players – was I able to get the desired result from the session? Did the player work well? Could I have done anything differently? Etc etc. It’s important to be honest with yourself about it and there have certainly been occasions...

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  • Holly Hutchinson at Junior Wimbledon

    It was a proud moment recently when Holly Hutchinson stepped onto the grass at The All England Club to play in her first Junior Wimbledon event. Holly worked incredibly hard to put herself in contention for a wildcard into the qualifying tournament. Having secured one, she wasn’t going to waste...

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    Clay Court – from the gym to the court

    There is no doubt about it, movement on a clay court is different to other surfaces and becoming competent and confident on the dirt is hugely important. Building balance, strength/stability in the ankle, strength/range in the hips and good core strength are vital to maintain an effective body position...

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  • Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL Video

    Continuing some ideas using the Vipr…. Here is a Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL. A great exercise to work on dynamic balance and then some loaded single leg strength work. This is a challenging exercise so begin with small distances on the lateral bound and increase as necessary. Varying...

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  • SAQ Movement Circuit Video

    A short SAQ-type circuit, looking to develop some different movement patterns in quick succession. 1 – Quick feet in and out adjustment steps 2 – Crossover step out of the cones 3 – Quick push explosion out of the corner 4 – Ladder drills – in this case an ickey shuffle...

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    Strength & Conditioning – engaging young players!

    Getting Buy-In Early! One of the Squads I do some S&C coaching in is our Futuros squad, for those U10 players on our Aspire to Excel programme. I work in with 2-3 coaches and we rotate groups approximately every 20 minutes. After an initial skills session, we look to break into the small groups and...

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