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    The Tennis Congress

      I was recently invited to be part of the teaching faculty at the United States Tennis Congress, which was held from October 6-10 in Tucson, Arizona. The above photo shows the S&C team at the event following our ‘Athlete Assessment Session’. It was a truly phenomenal event with...

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  • Messi free kick

    Lionel Messi – brilliance in simplicity

    As previously mentioned, I love looking across a variety of sports at what the best do and how they do it and seeing what we can learn from them. I recently came across the following article about the Barcelona forward and arguably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi.

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    Player Perspectives – a coach/player chat

    I just wanted to share an interesting conversation I had with a 14 year old female tennis player recently. It may not be 100% accurate but hopefully the essence of it will come across. We had just finished a session; on this occasion it had been an on-court movement session and we were walking back

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    Joel Good – a coach in the making.

    There are many different ways to measure ‘success’ as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. One of the things I love about what I do is seeing the athletes I work with grow as people not just as the athlete on the court/pitch. What I also look to do is provide each person with the tools

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  • Sunrise

    What will matter?

    Although a slight departure from usual topics on the blog, I was watching something the other day in which the following question was posed: How will the volume of your days be measured? The following was then suggested – What will matter….. …is not what you bought……but...

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  • kids-running-race

    A 5 year old’s perspective

    A few Sundays ago, in the morning, I went out for my first run with my 5 year old daughter. Now I have to say that this wasn’t me kick-starting her fitness training regime; this was totally, 100% at her request. She had been begging us for some new trainers for weeks, specifically so that

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  • Holly wide backhand

    Smashing it with Holly! Ladder footwork drill.

    I always like to mentally review the sessions I carry out with any players – was I able to get the desired result from the session? Did the player work well? Could I have done anything differently? Etc etc. It’s important to be honest with yourself about it and there have certainly been occasions...

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  • John Wooden

    John Wooden – Winning and Succeeding

    John Wooden’s thoughts and philosophies pervade the coaching world….and with good reason. ESPN ranks him as the greatest coach of all time, across all sports and his achievements remain unsurpassed. This talk was filmed when Coach Wooden was into his 90s, and crystallises a lifetime of observation...

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  • Small hammer


    In days gone by, there was a wealthy man who had a wonderful steamship, but as is the way with expensive things, it was prone to breaking down. One day, after a particularly difficult journey to a foreign land, the engine failed and no one could get it going again. One by one, every mechanic

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  • Guardiola

    Pep Guardiola

    On the day that Bayern Munich travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester United, I read an incredible stat about Pep Guardiola, their manager, and former manager of Barcelona before that. I haven’t double-checked it but I read that he has suffered only 14 losses since May 2009. 14 losses in 229...

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