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  • Steph Curry shooting

    The best work to get better

    It is fascinating to look at the habits and behaviours of the best sportspeople, what it is they do, how they maximise their abilities and then what their attitude is once they are at the summit. At the moment, Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA is rewriting the record-books and redefining...

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  • Kyrie Irving LeBron

    Kyrie Irving – mental preparation

    For those who may not know him, Kyrie Irving plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. He is one of the top players in the league, was the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the 2014 All Star Game and won gold for Team USA at the most recent World Championships. The NBA Finals begin

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  • Ray Allen

    Ray Allen – practice makes…….

    As you may be becoming aware, I love NBA Basketball and particularly enjoy some of the stats that are produced from the games – as an aside, this seems to be something that basketball does better than almost any other sport in my opinion – Saturday (24th) was Game 3 of the Eastern Conference...

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  • Clippers v Thunder

    Clippers v Thunder Game 4

    Due to the excellent coverage on BT Sport (free plug!), I have been hugely enjoying the NBA Playoffs over the last couple of weeks. Sunday night saw Game 4 of the LA Clippers v Oklahoma Thunder series, with the Thunder leading 2-1 at the time. Now I love NBA Basketball but you don’t have to

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