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Nutritional and Lifestyle Management

Nutritional and Lifestyle Management is arguably the foundation upon which all other training is based. If you are not nailing the basics of effective nutrition and not doing the right things to manage your life effectively, your training will be compromised and may even be detrimental to performance.

Good N&L management will allow you to provide a boost to your training and also your match performance. It will also help you recover more effectively from training and help you to maintain general health and wellbeing (so fewer days training lost due to illness).

Areas that can be discussed in this regard can include…

  • Pre-match nutrition strategies
  • In-match nutrition strategies
  • Post-match nutrition strategies
  • Supplementation
  • General what/when to eat
  • Circadian rhythm management (sleep!)
  • Stress awareness/management
  • Personal responsibility

This is an ever-changing area and is something I continue to research in great detail. The old saying that ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’ is absolutely true and I believe an athlete has a total responsibility to be as healthy and effective as possible in their nutritional approach and how they manage their life so that they can do all they can to Maximise Athletic Performance.

Across this site, you will find many of my thoughts on the matter.


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