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  • Vipr Side Lunge Video

    In addition to the forward lunge (see the video here – ), the vipr can obviously also be used to load some side lunge patterns. Again, there are numerous variations that can be used, such as rotating with it, tilting...

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  • Indiaca ball


    Jemima King (Head of Aspire to Excel) and some players enjoying a game of Indiaca as part of their pre-session preparation! Not a bad first point! Great to use as a bit of variation for all ages with so many different ways to use it…and great fun too! Credit to my colleague, Howard Green, Head...

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  • Small hammer


    In days gone by, there was a wealthy man who had a wonderful steamship, but as is the way with expensive things, it was prone to breaking down. One day, after a particularly difficult journey to a foreign land, the engine failed and no one could get it going again. One by one, every mechanic

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  • Vipr forward lunge video

    Here’s another little exercise that can be used with the Vipr. Here the Vipr is being used to load a forward lunge. The great thing about using the Vipr for this is that you can manipulate the Vipr in a number of ways during the movement (many more than are shown in the video such

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  • Vipr Side to Side Tilt Video

    I like using the Vipr to load some functional movement patterns and to challenge the stability and control of some movements. These movements can progress in range, speed and load. Below is a Vipr Side to Side Tilt which can be used to provide a nice ‘drive’ from the ground and then quick...

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  • IMG_1682

    Footwork Drill

    Here is Erika showing some nice footwork in this drill. Notice how she stays nice and low and transitions well from cone to cone with some good, quick adjustment steps. Gliding across the court – great job!

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  • IMG_1685

    Anti-Doping Advisor

    I recently became an Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor by taking a course through UK Anti-Doping. As an advisor, I am not expected to know all the ins and outs of doping but rather point players, parents and coaches in the direction of the appropriate resources. In this way, there can be no uncertainty...

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  • Guardiola

    Pep Guardiola

    On the day that Bayern Munich travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester United, I read an incredible stat about Pep Guardiola, their manager, and former manager of Barcelona before that. I haven’t double-checked it but I read that he has suffered only 14 losses since May 2009. 14 losses in 229...

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  • Bars Logo

    A Teacher Affects Eternity…

    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” – Henry Adams I came across this the other day and I think all coaches out there would be advised to consider it. In the above quotation, the word ‘teacher’ could easily be replaced by ‘coach’...

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    Longer, more in-depth articles will be added over the coming weeks/months. Keep checking back for some interesting information about all things Strength and Conditioning!

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