It is fascinating to look at the habits and behaviours of the best sportspeople, what it is they do, how they maximise their abilities and then what their attitude is once they are at the summit.

At the moment, Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA is rewriting the record-books and redefining how basketball is played. At the time of writing he is the current MVP (Most Valuable Player) and is hot favourite to win again this season, has recently broken his own record for number of 3 pointers in a season, with several games still to play and his team are on track for the best ever regular season in the league.

So it was with interest that I came across this article: (you may have to right click and open in new window)

It just goes to show that the best do not rest on their laurels but rather, they look to get better. They know that the chasing pack is hungry and that they want to take them down, so they choose to work twice as hard to stay ahead.

It remains to be seen how the season pans out for Curry and the Warriors but the intent and desire to continually develop and improve is inspirational.

Athletes from all sports take note!