Further to my previous posts on the subject, I am thrilled to say that I recently passed my Master Tennis Performance Specialist certification with the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA). In achieving this prestigious accolade, at the time of writing, there are only 10-12 MTPS in the world, so I am delighted to join such an exclusive club.

The following is taken from the iTPA Facebook page, reviewing the course:

“The Master Tennis Performance Specialist (MTPS) program in 2015 was outstanding. The group were all highly qualified to begin with (passing the CTPS program and having over 1000 hours of practical experience). They spent nearly a year of work performing theoretical work, an in-person workshop that was highly practical and specific with very high level discussions. Then each experienced coach and specialist performed a 12 week program with their real players on all aspects of tennis specific training with video progressions, daily and weekly workouts and annual periodization plans. The amount of detail these very special individuals put into this educational program was outstanding. The MTPS program is a unique experience and the individuals who complete the certification program are some of the highest skilled and most competent individuals in the industry. They have both the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical experience working with players. This combination is very important today in providing players with the best way to succeed in tennis.”

It was indeed a tremendous learning experience. A huge thank you to the iTPA for it, especially the driving forces of Mark and Mary Jo Kovacs.


Me with my framed certificate!IMG_2804.jpg copy