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I was recently invited down to the National Tennis Centre (NTC) as part of a small ‘working group’ to discuss a wide variety of Strength & Conditioning subjects, to help drive best practice across the country. We also discussed the characteristics we would want to develop in the tennis player. All in all, it was an interesting couple of days and it’s always fun to chat all things Tennis S&C with like-minded coaches.

The recently won Davis Cup was taking pride of place (rightly so!) in the entrace lobby of the NTC and it was truly inspirational to see it (it is as big as it looks!) and to read the names of all the winners over the years. I truly hope that each and every person who walks through those doors and sees that cup at the NTC, whether that is a daily occurence or simply a one-off visit, is filled with the same sense of inspiration and desire to drive British Tennis forwards as I was. We collectively have a huge opportunity to capitalise on the Davis Cup triumph!

While we were there, an U14 fixture between GB and USA was taking place, and it was great to watch the players go at it. At one point I was in the lobby and a couple of the US boys were having a quick look at the Davis Cup. I asked if they’d like to see it in the lobby back in the US (but then quickly said they couldn’t because it was ours!), and they said yeah, that would be cool. It made me think – these are the Primal Cues that can inspire the next generation. On this occasion it was the next group of American boys; I hope that our teams came up and looked at the trophy too! I can’t help but think that those American boys would have looked at that and thought about winning it themselves and taken inspiration from it.

We’ve got the biggest team trophy in Mens tennis – we’ve got to use its power to inspire!