There are many different ways to measure ‘success’ as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. One of the things I love about what I do is seeing the athletes I work with grow as people not just as the athlete on the court/pitch. What I also look to do is provide each person with the tools to live an athletic/active lifestyle well into the future in whatever they do.
It has been said that a coach’s aim is to make themselves redundant! While I’m not sure I agree 100% with this statement (wouldn’t want to do myself out of a job!), I appreciate the sentiment, in that an important role of the S&C coach is to provide the athletes you work with with the skills for them to be able to do things when you are not there – to create a culture of independence.
I was therefore so pleased and proud to receive an e-mail from Rachel, the mother of a boy, Joel, I have coached for several years, with the following that had been sent from the boy’s school.

iSAMS Notification – Joel Good has received a Praise Postcard.
Dear Rachel Good,

This is an automated notification to inform you that Joel Good has been awarded a Praise Postcard (Praise Postcard). The reason given for this is: Joel recently took it upon himself to organise a warm up for his games group (of around 20 boys). Joel communicated effectively, demonstrated clearly and achieved his goal of preparing the boys for a football session. Well done Joel!.

Kind regards,

Aylesbury Grammar School


Such an awesome effort from Joel and I love the fact that he not only knew what to do but that he communicated it effectively. A fantastic coach in the making!