sports montage


Whatever your primary sport, it can be easy to get ‘blinkered’ in your approach to it. The sport I am most involved in is tennis and you need only have a quick look on the internet or even the bookshelves, to find all manner of ‘tennis-specific’ drills or training ideas.

This is the issue.

It could be too easy to simply think that because I work mainly in tennis, that I need to only research tennis-specific ideas. I learnt long ago however that this is not the most constructive approach to things. There is so much that is transferable between sports that it is absolutely imperative to look outside of your field/court etc!

If you look at the image above, there is undoubtedly something that I could take from each of those sports and bring back to the tennis players I primarily work with, albeit some more applicable than others. I am fortunate however that I have and do work with athletes from other sports and so can perhaps make this connection a little easier.

So if you see something I write about a sport you may not be involved, before you discard it, stop and think if there’s something you can take from it. You may be surprised just how much there might be!