I always like to mentally review the sessions I carry out with any players – was I able to get the desired result from the session? Did the player work well? Could I have done anything differently? Etc etc. It’s important to be honest with yourself about it and there have certainly been occasions when I have been disappointed with the job that I have done and perhaps not done my job of developing the player as effectively as I would have liked.
(As an aside, I personally think it is something that the players themselves might like to consider doing too!)

There are however those occasions where you come out of a session buzzing because you have nailed it; both coach and player on it, the session fizzing and the goals of the session achieved.
I had a couple of those sessions today with Holly Hutchinson. She came ready to bring it and we did some great work on some key areas. We had a really good buzz between us and I know it left me feeling inspired to continue the work in the future.
I’m sure Holly won’t mind me saying that I received the following text from her later in the day, ‘great day today and many more to come’.

Absolutely, Hol, let’s do it!                IMG_1893

Below is a ladder drill from the session.