As you may be becoming aware, I love NBA Basketball and particularly enjoy some of the stats that are produced from the games – as an aside, this seems to be something that basketball does better than almost any other sport in my opinion –

Saturday (24th) was Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, with the series tied at 1-1….so a pretty important game.
Now I could go into great length about the game but there was something relatively simple but so fundamentally important, that caught my eye both in the lead up to the game and then subsequently during it.

Below is a link to some footage of Ray Allen practising fully 3 hours before the game was scheduled to start. Notice his position on the court, in the corner, sinking a couple of 3s. Incidentally, this area of the court has been coined ‘Allenville’, such is the regularity with which he hits from there!

Fast forward to game time and the game is delicately poised in the 4th quarter, pressure-time for most people, but a time when Allen seems to thrive! Take a look at this picture of his 4th quarter shooting chart.

Ray Allen 3pt shots Game 3

Notice anything?! 4/4 with 3 of the shots coming from the corners! The Heat went on to win 99-87.

Now Ray Allen is 38 years old, a veteran of 18 years in the NBA and he is there, knowing what it takes before a big game. Go through the shots, practice them, so that when you are called upon to do it during the game, you can, because you have done it, you’ve physically and mentally rehearsed it; you can back yourself to do it…even if your game-time is limited as it will inevitably be at 38 years old.

An outstanding example from an outstanding professional. Well worth athletes from all sports taking note.