I have been been re-visiting ¬†some co-ordination drills recently with the younger age groups. I hesitate to say ‘simple’ drills because, while the concept of the drill may be called ‘simple’, in that it is using only a ladder and non-detailed instruction, the execution of it can be very challenging indeed.

The 3 videos below show a traditional hopscotch drill, followed by the same drill with the introduction of a clap.

Traditional hopscotch ladder drill (alternate feet through the ladder)

Hopscotch drill with clap variation 1 (as both feet land outside the ladder)

Hopscotch drill with clap variation 2 (as one foot lands inside the ladder)

Try them with your players and you’ll realise that it can be quite a co-ordination challenge, especially as you look to increase the speed.

The options are limitless with this drill; eg clap only as right/left foot contacts; clap behind; clap above head; alternate clap in front, behind, above; pass a ball from hand to hand as you contact; 2 x right foot contacts in a row followed by 2 left foot contacts (all with different clap/ball variations!).

I’m sure you can come up with many more! Fun and challenging – perfect!