On the day that Bayern Munich travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester United, I read an incredible stat about Pep Guardiola, their manager, and former manager of Barcelona before that.

I haven’t double-checked it but I read that he has suffered only 14 losses since May 2009. 14 losses in 229 matches.

We often say as coaches to our athletes that we learn more from our defeats or our setbacks than we do from our victories or successes. So where does that leave Guardiola?! Does that mean he hasn’t had to learn much over the last 5 years?! Those stats would seem to suggest so….

Observing him, it seems the reverse is true. At times he has almost looked pained by his success! One thing is clear however – that despite his success and the wins, he continuously looks at ways to improve an already evidently successful approach.

This is an approach I like. Yes, when the need arises, we must learn and look at things that can be improved. However, it is also important to focus on your strengths, recognise what they are, work on them, to make them even stronger.

Focus on your strengths and Maximise Athletic Performance!!