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  • Vipr Clean and Press video

    Another short video using the Vipr to load some functional patterns. Here with an exercise that many will be familiar with already. Again, there are variations that can be used such as having a slight rotation through the movement, tilting the vipr at the top of the press. The drive for this wants to...

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  • Ray Allen

    Ray Allen – practice makes…….

    As you may be becoming aware, I love NBA Basketball and particularly enjoy some of the stats that are produced from the games – as an aside, this seems to be something that basketball does better than almost any other sport in my opinion – Saturday (24th) was Game 3 of the Eastern Conference...

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  • IMG_1746


    It was great to have Laura and Clarky in for a session yesterday – felt like a bit of a reunion with Laura out on the tour and Clarky at College in the US. And to top it all, they worked well and had a good session, with some movement prep work then some on

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  • Bars Logo

    Hopscotch co-ordination drill videos

    I have been been re-visiting  some co-ordination drills recently with the younger age groups. I hesitate to say ‘simple’ drills because, while the concept of the drill may be called ‘simple’, in that it is using only a ladder and non-detailed instruction, the execution of it...

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  • Clippers v Thunder

    Clippers v Thunder Game 4

    Due to the excellent coverage on BT Sport (free plug!), I have been hugely enjoying the NBA Playoffs over the last couple of weeks. Sunday night saw Game 4 of the LA Clippers v Oklahoma Thunder series, with the Thunder leading 2-1 at the time. Now I love NBA Basketball but you don’t have to

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  • Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL Video

    Continuing some ideas using the Vipr…. Here is a Vipr Lateral Bound & Stick to 1 Leg RDL. A great exercise to work on dynamic balance and then some loaded single leg strength work. This is a challenging exercise so begin with small distances on the lateral bound and increase as necessary. Varying...

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  • John Wooden

    John Wooden – Winning and Succeeding

    John Wooden’s thoughts and philosophies pervade the coaching world….and with good reason. ESPN ranks him as the greatest coach of all time, across all sports and his achievements remain unsurpassed. This talk was filmed when Coach Wooden was into his 90s, and crystallises a lifetime of observation...

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  • SAQ Movement Circuit Video

    A short SAQ-type circuit, looking to develop some different movement patterns in quick succession. 1 – Quick feet in and out adjustment steps 2 – Crossover step out of the cones 3 – Quick push explosion out of the corner 4 – Ladder drills – in this case an ickey shuffle...

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  • Vipr Side Lunge Video

    In addition to the forward lunge (see the video here – ), the vipr can obviously also be used to load some side lunge patterns. Again, there are numerous variations that can be used, such as rotating with it, tilting...

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  • Indiaca ball


    Jemima King (Head of Aspire to Excel) and some players enjoying a game of Indiaca as part of their pre-session preparation! Not a bad first point! Great to use as a bit of variation for all ages with so many different ways to use it…and great fun too! Credit to my colleague, Howard Green, Head...

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